What Is Love Alarm Series About On Netflix?


Korean drama Love Alarm is getting all the love from the younger audience. This show is trending on Netflix and is gaining a lot of popularity.
The series is a typical high school Korean drama; Hwang Sun-oh is the popular kid and every girl wants to ring his love-alarm except for Kim Jojo who has not installed the app and is unaware of Hwang Sun-oh. On the other hand, Hwang Sun-oh finds her indifferent and eventually falls in love with her.

Love Alarm

Kim Jojo is a cheerful girl who lives with her aunt and cousin Gul-mi. Both her aunt and cousin are mean to her.
As the story continues Kim Jojo falls in love with Hwang Sun-oh and they both ring each other’s love-alarm.

Love Alarm Trailer

Jul-mi treats Kim JoJo bad after learning her relationship with Hwang Sun-oh and often fights with her meanwhile her aunt pays no attention. Kim JoJo goes through a lot of pain and suffering many times.
Kim JoJo and Hwang Sun-oh meet an accident at one point in the drama and later on, Kim JoJo decides to break up with Hwang Sun-oh because of her past which haunts her. Hwang Sun-oh becomes shocked but couldn’t get over her. Kim JoJo puts a seal in her-love alarm so she can not ring Hwang Sun-oh’s love-alarm. After four years they meet again and Kim JoJo decides to meet the developer of the app to remove the seal. The developer will show himself on the launch of Love alarm 2.0.
It highlights the dark side of social media how it manipulates normal people and leads them to even suicide.

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Everyone is running in the race to find out who loves them and if they don’t find a lover they get discouraged and depressed.
The show initially comes off as a teen-life, fiction for teenagers and gets attention because of its cliché love story though this series is definitely not for adult viewers unless they want to rewind high school love stories.

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