Titans have been a very dark show for a version of Team Robin AKA Teen Titans, unlike the ones we grew up watching. However, the most recent episode about the adventures of Titans Superboy titled “Conner” was quite different.

Season Two of the show started with the entry of one of the most ruthless villains that ever appeared on DC Comics and adaptations, Slade Wilson, or better known when costumed, Deathstroke. The same appearance also caused the loss of a major character, however, an episode about Conner Kent played by Joshua Orpin (might have) made up for that.

Joshua Orpin was previously seen in the finale episode of Titans 1.0 and had not appeared since then until the last episode of the show.

In the episode, Conner Kent’s portrayal is likely the best depiction of Superboy ever. Previously, in live-action, we have seen the character in Smallville, played by Lucas Grabeel that looked like a normal teenager with normal teenage issues.

Smallville Superboy

The animated depiction of Superboy we saw a completely serious person with a personality full of rage and some daddy-issues with his almost father, Superman.

Young Justice Superboy

However, the Superboy from Titans is supposed to be a teenager with the intellectual age of two and emotions of unchecked fear, anger, curiosity, impulse and rage of both types, heredity and personal. He is adorable, a childlike half-human-half-Kryptonian character with no parents or friends, exposed to the very complicated world of humanity and everything that comes with it.

With powers of Superman and temper of Lex Luthor and the memories of both, sometimes his immaturity gets the best of him but still with all his innocence he mostly gets things under control. Having a good heart that led him to protect Lionel Luthor and wanting to help a girl victim of domestic violence and eventually saving the character that we thought might have died. Grabbing Super-shirt without asking and then getting scared at the questioning of the stall owner, asking Eve the permission to call her “mom”, all add up to his unmatched innocence making him stand out among all the previous Superboys. And unlike them, it truly portrays how a new-born “infant” Superboy would behave and do.

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