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It’s been more than seventy years now. The youth is a third-generation comprising more than 60% of the total population of Pakistan. Now it’s their turn to take over the responsibilities. Here comes a question, is the second generation ready and agree to hand over??? Yes, but not on merit. There is no hesitation to believe that talented and capable youth has been suffering injustice and bigotry. The second generation has two classes, one is elite other one is those who blindly, obey and follow the elite. An immense tragedy was sowed decades ago and now we are reaping it.

The youth is divided, some of them have accepted the slavery they received in heritage and happily blindfolded their wisdom and thoughts. But some stood against the slavery of mind and soul. They are, in fact, the real assets.

Today we are recognized as the forth intelligent nation globally. Fewer opportunities, fewer resources couldn’t stop us but our own monstrous mindset and social set-up are haunting the talent our youngsters possess. Talent is oppressed, pushed back and even rejected sometimes for no reason by the second generation of elite class just because they want to satisfy their ego or maybe want to sustain their regime of power. This is nothing but annihilation.

Despite merit, the young generation is being deprived just because they do not belong to the influential class. How atrocious it is!!!

On the other side, a salute to the courage and strength of our youngsters that they have not setback neither have given up struggles and strives, indeed,  they are so sweet. They are the real warriors, saviors, and survivors.

They have not to letter anyone to enslave them. They are true and endless hope for those, waiting for not to be oppressed and deprived just because of class discriminations, a hope for those, waiting for merit to be valued, a hope for those waiting for the justice to prevail.

It’s right of our youth to have full and fair enough opportunity, admiration and recognition on the base of their talent and abilities. Now, let this Haunted Talent to grow in peace and blessings. Let them take over.


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