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Kurulus Osman Release Date, Trailers and The Details You Need To Know

The historical action-adventure series, Dirilis Ertugrul completed its run on five seasons after winning the hearts of the people from over 60 countries. However, it was not the end and a spinoff of the show initially titled as Dirilis Osman was announced that recently got a new name, Kurulus Osman which quickly became one of […]

7 Best Sci-fi tv Shows From 2010s That Don’t Suck

Science fiction is a genre of fiction which deals with advanced science and technology, scientific ideas and exploration, space time-related stuff, time travel, alien life and space exploration. Well, rightly said, it is called “ literature of ideas “. As the name combines two words “science “ and “fiction “, this particular genre gives the […]

Best TV Shows With Dark Twists To Watch After Game Of Thrones

Since Game of Thrones (although we are not going to talk about it) has gotten famous, a lot of the world population connected with pop cult has been binge-watching English TV in the most of their leisure. Finally, we have “time to stand and stare”. Okay, replace that “stand” with “sit”. Here are some of […]

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