Imran Khan UN Speech

Writer and Thinker, Shujra Qureshi points out the main points from Imran Khan’s UN Speech


Imran Khan’s speech at UNGA was fantastic. My takeaways from the speech:
1. He spoke like a true statesman; and for the first time in UN history, a leader of a Muslim country was not defensive about his religion: Islam. Instead of a rebuttal of West’s mantra of ‘Islamic Terrorism’, he presented to the world the real face of Islam; a tolerant, just, and peaceful region. He gave examples of the extremist elements in other religions that are never associated with the religion by the western media. Hands down, this was the highlight of his speech.

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2. He also spoke in detail on the Kashmir issue and what Modi’ Hindu India is doing to the Kashmiris. He rightly mentioned that Kashmir could become a flashpoint between the two Nuclear capability holding countries. And that UN should intervene to peacefully resolve the plight of Kashmiri people, and defuse the tension between the two countries before it escalates any further. The message was clear: Pakistan can’t afford a prolonged conventional war if it happens. The other alternative would be Nuclear and if that happens, the whole world will have to bear the consequences.


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