The Sound of Magic
The Sound of Magic

The girl named Yoon Ah-Yi lives a tangled-up life. ‘Do you believe in magic?’ If your life is as grim as Yoon Ah-Yi You may need a spark of magic in your life. Yoon Ah-Yi, a convincingly depressed character played by Choi sung-un( A Korean actress) is in a terrible state.

Abandoned by her Father, it is burdensome for a high school student to look after her younger sister’s needs and provide her with a little stable life.

Though she works as a part-timer at a convenience store. It doesn’t help as much. A nervous request for help only puts her in a dangerous situation. She is so craving for help that she meets a cryptic young man who declares himself a magician, at an abandoned amusement park. Believing him must be a crazy move but despite the life, she was living, she may be needed something like …..magic? But who knows, that the man might not be wrong. Yoon Ah-Yi has truly learned the art of not having trust in anyone but the strange man seems that desperately wants to help Ah-Yi.

Ah-Yi led a very peaceful life back then, not until she got abandoned by her own father. She gets bullied at school and harassed by the debt collectors her father ran from. The only person who looks out for her is her classmate Na Ill-Deung played by Hwang In-Hyeop. Eventually, Ill-Deung develops an unwanting interest in the mysterious magician.

In this situation, she has no way but to have faith in the magician.

Sound of magic is a weirdly enthusiastic TV series, that captures all your focus in its grip. The cinematography is exceedingly sensational and impressive. Ji-chang Wook makes a tenebrous magician who certainly takes the viewers into a ‘wonderland’ with his subtle charm.

The characters, the storyline and the minor detail of everything have simply made this series pre-eminent.

‘ANARA SUMNARA’ the magical words takes both the viewers and characters to the world of reality making them ready to accept the hardships and challenges of life with the art of endurance.


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  1. It’s beautifully captured by your focus! And surely is an amazing review… I just felt like flowing with it… Keep it up Maria! ❤️🌹

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