Pakistan Super League(PSL) Season-8

PSL season 8 is going to start earlier in Pakistan. Pakistani fans are so excited. The excitement among fans for PSL Season 8 is high due to the popularity of the league and the anticipation for the latest edition of the tournament. Fans are eager to see their favorite teams and players compete and are looking forward to the thrilling matches, nail-biting finishes, and memorable moments that the league promises to deliver.

Lahore Qalandars team captain Shaheen Afridi 

Shaheen Shah Afridi has also taken charge of the Lahore Qalandars kit for the Qalandars players in the Pakistan Super League 8.

In preparation for the eighth season of the Pakistan Super League, which will be contested in February and March, all teams are making preparations inside and outside of the stadium.


Lahore Qalandars Kit By Captain Shaheen

The Lahore Qalandars players will wear the uniform for the 2023 edition, and Shaheen Shah Afridi has been tasked with creating the uniform.

According to Atif Rana, the franchise’s CEO, Shaheen Shah Afridi, is our commander and captain. Shaheen Shah Afridi is also working on the Lahore Qalandars’ new uniform.

According to Atif Rana, Shaheen Afridi is creating the most incredible uniform; when Shaheen loses wickets, his uniform design will astound everyone. Hopefully, this new uniform will be well-liked by all of the fans.


Here Is The Tweet:

Recently PCB chairman Najam Sethi announced the complete PSL 2023 schedule sometime after the announcement of PSL 2023 Complete Teams.


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