[POEM] A Psycho’s Profane Seduction


You love me, I know you do,
Because I have seen in your eyes,
My reflection when I look in them,
I know you way more than yourself you do,
How dare you lie you don’t?

Come hither, let me show you,
Hold you close to suffocation,
Let me trail every frail inch of your skin,
Let me charge every particle of your being,
Now tell me if you don’t?

See how my touch makes you weak and
You flinch, the goosebumps on your skin,
And your quivering shaky limbs,
You give in, letting out a helpless moan,
Is this not what happens in love?

It’s not some chemical response,
No, neither some reflex,
Oh no! This ain’t seduction,
How dare you call me lustful?
It’s love my doll, it’s love,

Disrobe! I want to see you reveal,
Your wanton, tantalizing desires,
Shh! Don’t you dare stop me,
Don’t tell me your virtue, I know already,
But I’m blind in your love, I see nothing,

Don’t inhale! Except my scents,
Don’t behold! Except my image,
Don’t say what I intend not to hear,
Don’t let touch even the air,
I’ll build a castle of vacuum for you my love,
A little bit of pain?
It’s pleasure, isn’t it?
Don’t say no, don’t back away, Don’t!
See the darkened shade of your eyes,
It’s not from fear, rather fire on rise,
Why screaming? Oh enjoy, I know you do,

Don’t disappoint me, like you did before,
I want not to grab your hair, or
Tug you against the wall anymore,
Or hold you by your neck, what for?
Well, this too would be my love, my kitten,

How dare you bitch call me psycho?
No, come on, I’m not choking you,
These chains? No, I ain’t enslaving you,
I need you locked in your room,
I’m being protective of you honey, it’s love,

When every other day, I fight,
You go to bed shedding tears all night,
Wake up weak with lost appetite,
Well, it too purges your soul of ego and vice,
It’s love my dear, I love you,

God be pleased with us,
It’s all a trial from divine,
Keep melting in me, keep being me,
No, it’s just your good annihilation,
You will come out pure, I love you,

Holy heavens have made this match,
This love has begun ages ago,
Long before our dust had gathered,
So needn’t we marry, nor live together,
We’ve got grounds all spiritual, Mi Amor,

Wait, where the shine in your eyes did go?
Your innocence is there no more,
Oh no! You are not the girl I once had known,
I love you not anymore, I don’t,
How dare you say you do?

Khaula Haqdar is thought to be an INFJ in the Myers Briggs personality type test. She's an avid reader and a passionate aspiring writer. She lives in the pages of art and literature that sparked her soul.

4 thoughts on “[POEM] A Psycho’s Profane Seduction

  1. To enjoy each and every word, I read this poem for the fourth time. Its intoxicating words cut deeper than freshly sharpened sword. Sadly, it’s the reality of modern love; reaching earlier to zenith than expected & return much sooner to nadir rather climax.

  2. I loved you:  yet the love, maybe,
    Has not extinguished in my heart; 
    But hence may not it trouble thee;
    I do not want to make you sad.
    I loved you hopelessly and mutely,
    Now with shyness, now with jealousy being vexed;
    I loved you so sincerely, so fondly, 
    Likewise may someone love you next.
    ~ Anonymous

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