As Netflix show Money Heist seems to appear in August, hearing this The fans got their feet in seventh heaven.

Money Heist Part 5 release
Three of the top characters for April 2020 were from Money Heist

It was reported in Spanish news site ‘Marca‘ that season five of Money Heist will hug its fans through Netflix in mid-August 2021. Reporting Marca:  “We will have to wait until summer the episodes arrive on the streaming platform.” In July 2020 Netflix made an announcement, “The heist will come to an end. ”The cast and the crew recently hinted at some posts about wrapping up the filming and some about production.

As the show was a cliffhanger right up to the final whistle. So the fans were waiting for Money Heist Part 5 release date for months after season four. Now after the official announcement has been made the fans got enraptured about the final season. So far as the official announcement about the upcoming final season is confirmed we also learn from the website that the fifth season will consist of 10 episodes. There are some theories about Lisbon taking charge of the gang of robbers in season five. And it will conclude at the bank of Spain and reveal about gang escaping with 90 tons of gold successfully.

Marca also reported: “In addition, the leaked images of the filming have revealed that there will be a change in leadership, and everything indicates now that Lisbon (played by Itziar Ituño) will be in command on the ground.” So along with Lisbon, the character of The Professor is also being put in mystery which will be revealed in August.

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