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DC’s most recent film The Joker (2019) keeps on knocking down the many records made by previous movies. Also, the Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker has nearly dethroned the Joker of the legend Heath Ledger. The battle of debates has been going on for days, however, the spirit Ledger’s Joker did not like the competition. He in a recent Joker vs Joker meme, returned back from the dead (probably from Nepal) to terminate the competitor, 2019 Joker.

Fact: Thanks to a Frankenstein-ish scientist in Pakistan, now people can come back from the dead in Nepal.

Since the first trailer of The Joker (2019) the brethren of pop-cult has been comparing all the previous depictions of Batman’s comic-book nemesis. Mostly it was the debate-battles between The Dark Knight’s Joker and  2019 Joker followers and it was not pretty. 

Have a look yourself:

The meme gives the expression as The Dark Knight’s Joker finds Phoenix’s Joker going fast and furious in a police car, he finds his successor and says: 

“Hey, Pheonix Joker! you took my place! You’re a dead clown!”.

Right now the whole world is eyeing Phoenix’s performance, and even though there cannot be a fair comparison between the 2019 Joker and his predecessor as the latest one is more of an origin story. However, it will not be unfair to say that Joaquin doing his best, stirred up the world of comic-book films and we can say that they will never be the same anymore.

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