On the 4th of August, a massive explosion on the port area of Beirut Lebanon led a powerful impact on the whole city.

The deadly explosion was caused by the presence of 2750 tones of aluminum nitrate. The unauthentic safety measures for over six years of an already economically weak country turn it into a distorted land.

In this time of distress, numerous leaders throughout the world expressed solidarity with the people of Lebanon. The sister countries of Lebanon UAE and Egypt posted on their official pages the notes of condolence for the victims injured.

One of the official page of  Burj Khalifa at the eve of 4 August posted the pictures of Burj Khalifa turned up with the lights of Lebanon flag, with the caption “In solidarity with the brothers and sisters of Lebanon”.

The same gesture of condolence was also shown by the iconic Egypt Pyramids. The Pyramids were illuminated the colors of Lebanon flag fir showing solidarity with the victims of the heartbreaking incident.

The Toronto Sign also want dark in the grief if victims. It dimmed the 3D light’s and Mourn on the massive explosion.

In the this state of devastation may the victims rest in peace and injured one heal soon.

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