kurulus osman release date

The historical action-adventure series, Dirilis Ertugrul completed its run on five seasons after winning the hearts of the people from over 60 countries. However, it was not the end and a spinoff of the show initially titled as Dirilis Osman was announced that recently got a new name, Kurulus Osman which quickly became one of the most anticipated tv shows around the world. Kurulus Osman’s release date was recently announced as well the second trailer of the series.

Kurulus Osman Release Date

The second trailer was released on October 23rd along with the release date of the series. The show will start airing on Wednesdays with its premiere on November 20th, 2019.

In the second trailer, we can see Osman Gazi, riding his horse in front of his nomad tent addressing the Alps, Beys, and children of the Kayi Tribe. His words are warning about the enemy getting wild, betrayals growing intense, friends being silent, worries, grieving and sadnesses they are facing. At the same time, our protagonist’s words get encouraging giving the message that Allaah is with us and it was the time to write the epics.

Another treat for fans is that unlike Dirilis Ertugrul, it would not be a Turkish-only series but will come with 5 different languages English, Urdu, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish. The first trailer was translated and admired in more than a dozen countries as well.

The series is based on the life of the great Muslim hero and founder of the Ottoman Empire, following the events and struggles made by his father, Ertugrul Gazi. The life of Osman Gazi, just like Ertugrul Gazi as we have seen in our previous most favorite show was itself an epic. And the way he established the new empire, according to the books of history, it was full of valiant action and adventure. The same is highly anticipated by the fans and they cannot wait as they finally know the Kurulus Osman release date.

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