Education System In Pakistan

The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan says,

“The state of Pakistan shall remove illiteracy and provide free and compulsory secondary education within the minimum possible period.”

As we know that Pakistan has the one of the worst Education Systems where the quality of education is still a matter of great concern. This is a harsh fact; we face a lot of challenges in the name of quality education because we only focus on quantity rather than quality. Nowadays, one of the major educational problems is that the Government of Pakistan taking no such interest for the betterment of education.

Education System In Pakistan

The Robotic Students: (And lack of Interest)

Education System In Pakistan is more like force-based than quality and learning. Everybody is forcing children, parents, teachers, Qaris. There is no fun in learning for them. They are forcefully going to schools, they are forcefully sent to tuitions. Every school has the same education structure. Some will show their fanciness upfront but their method is also similar to any other average school of Pakistan. Kids are not enthusiastic and eager to learn in any school in Pakistan. They have one way of learning which is writing in copies and memorizing those stuff. If your child has a good brain and he is good at memorizing, he can stand first in class easily and if another child cannot memorize and after few years kids forget what they memorized cause they didn’t understand anything. Sadly this is the criteria to judge your child smartness. That is how we turn the students into robots.

Ask your child about any other topic than course, they will not have any information. As schools only fill their minds with course books by forcing them to write and memorized.

The Money Making Machine

The main reason which turns the education system more worst and forceful is because of Private schools located every single street, providing less quality education, which is a very popular business nowadays for making more money and for turning the students into robots. These schools are also responsible for the structure of writing and memorizing even though you don’t understand any single word. There’s a difference between the syllabus or curricula of both, private and government schools.

Solution for the Education system

The government should take solid steps on this issue but unfortunately, they don’t.

  • The primary schools of government need a lot of improvement.
  • The unlimited numbers of private schools should be ban.
  • Implementation instead of projecting policies should be focused on.
  •  Allocation of funds should be made easy from provinces to districts and then to educational institutes.
  •  Foreign states are using the LSS system. This should be inducted in Pakistani schools to improve the hidden qualities of children.
  • Technical education must be given to all the classes.
  •  Promotion of primary education is the need of time. Teachers, professors, and educationists should be consulted while devising any plan, syllabus or policy. The state seems to give up her responsibility and totally relying on the private sector. Burdeningstudents with so many books will not work as he will not understand what the word is?
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