Ecuador President Lenin Moreno made a disturbing statement yesterday about sexually abusing women. According to the British Broadcasting Agency, President Lenin Moreno said in his statement, “Women only make noise at the hands of men who are unattractive and report to police.” He said this while addressing a conference in Guayaquil City.

He added, “Men are constantly and consistently at risk of being accused of sexual harassment. It is true that women often report sexual harassment which is great but women only get angry and report on sexual harassment and abuse of men who are ugly. When a handsome man attacks a woman with sexual harassment or abuse, it is not sexual harassment for women. ”

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The video of Ecuador President Moreno’s statement was posted on social media, and there was a lot of backlash from Ecuadorians around the world. The following day, President Moreno apologized to the people on his Twitter account, saying, ” In my comment about harassment, I did not intend to minimize such a serious matter as violence or abuse. I apologize if it was understood that way. I reject violence against women in all its forms! ”

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