Easypaisa installed a 3D anamorphic

Easypaisa installed Pakistan First-Ever 3D Anamorphic Display on the Islamabad Expressway. People are appreciating them for this anamorphic projection on the Islamabad expressway. Easypaisa is doing the Next level marketing by execution at Islamabad Expressway.

Islamabad Expressway is a very busy road but the display of Easypaisa anamorphic projection catches your attention within seconds. Easypaisa coming up with first of its kind anamorphic display in Pakistan. Through an OOH display that has integrated 3D elements with the real surface making the whole installation so immersive.

Here is a Drone Shot By Ukhano.

Easypaisa is Known as money transfer and this type of anamorphic projection on Islamabad expressway with the particular message is revolutionary. Easypaisa established a new marketing trend, which is quite unique as compared to common banners and posters. This trend sets a huge impact on other companies to follow this.

We have seen numerous 3D anamorphic displays around the world that have made their impact on customers with their graphics and innovation. People are appreciating Easypaisa for bringing this kind of avant-garde and experimental means of marketing to Pakistan.

the #Alleyesoneasypaisa trend has become number 1 in Pakistan right now. It is because our general public see this type of innovation first time in Pakistan.


Its looks are pretty amazing. No One can’t ignore this innovation and implementation of 3D anamorphic display surely making a benchmark for other brands to follow it.


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