Debate Of Life – What is the point of keep living?


Life is a debate, let us do it. Don’t fight it with. We all love life, we prefer to extract it even from broken and wounded breaths because we want to live at any cost and anyway. There’s nothing but struggles and strives to answer all those questions which often bother and irritate us; why? , what? , how? , when?


We go through physical and mental torture if we fight to find the answers. Instead, we need some arguments to convince own selves for the right answer and solution. We must know whether the things we are running after are some imaginations or fiction. Fiction is nothing but some illusions and artificial dreams. Imagination, of course, is a reality that converts into a dream; a dream that can inculcate a strong thought and perception. These thoughts bring up an ideology that’s a fundamental stimulant for a movement. At this stage, now, we are ready for achievement. A right path is set and determined, all questions are answered, we are then convinced to choose the right thing at the right time. The debate is over and long-lasting peace is observed.

Aspiring writer and social media blogger for a change.

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