A story about some dreams that scattered somewhere in the garden while chasing butterflies.

chasing butterflies

In her butterfly-land, the sight was captivating. All she could see was colors, elegance, beauty, and delicacy. She soaked warm sunshine while sitting in her house made of glass and enjoyed the divine view.

It was perfect until one day when the temperature slowly began to rise. The wings of the butterflies burnt. Empty-handed, she could see her dreams die a slow death. A slow, painful death!

Her soul got shattered. Scattered. She thought she would never be able to glue herself back together.

It was hard initially. Very hard! With all her might though, and The Mighty’s strength behind her back, she managed to collect all those million pieces of her soul, one at a time, put them back together and came out a newer, stronger, better person.

She now lived in a house made of concrete and bricks. It looked different from the butterfly-land and felt different too. She was grateful she had a shelter. This concrete house had strength, even though it lacked colors and sunshine of the glasshouse of butterfly-land.

She still loved butterflies and secretly chased them, but she didn’t keep them with her anymore. She chased them after the night got dark and came back before the first ray of sun dawned.

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