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Do you think you know Pakistan very well? Think again. As we know as human beings, that we can think a lot, we can see a lot, but no one can know everything. And we will be sharing 7 cool facts about Pakistan you probably never knew:

Second Most Genius Country In The World:

Doubt it?

Well, we had Dr. Abdus Salaam, Arfa Karim, We had Manto. We have had many genius people. We still do. So that does not need to be surprising at all. Top Ten Lists at TheTopTens® is a very famous website having massive traffic. According to this site, Pakistan holds the 2nd position in the world’s most genius countries.

cool facts about Pakistan

Second country with most immigrants:

If you are thinking about Afghan refugees, you are right. Pakistan believes in brotherhood. So despite all the differences and disputes, Pakistan has provided solace to 1.41 million registered refugees. That makes Pakistan second as Turkey stands first.

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The second country having the highest mountains:

According to Wikipedia’s list of the peaks above 7200 meters, Pakistan is the second country with most of the highest mountains with some with a number of 42 after China who has 50.

Pakistan also has the second-highest mountain K-2 also known as Chhogori or Godwin-Austen.

Highest Cold Desert

Cold desert in Skardu, in Gilgit, Baltistan is the highest cold desert in Skardu. It is also named as Katpana Desert.

cool facts about Pakistan

Youngest Microsoft Certified Professionals

Arfa Karim, a flower that withered before it could fully bloom, the symbol of Intelligence, we all know became the Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of 7, but that was not the least of it. Even after that Pakistan had two consequent records just like that. Humza Shehzad and Ayan Qureshi at the age of 6 and five respectively. Both belonging to Pakistan.

First Neurochip Ever

A Pakistani born Canadian Scientist changed the course of history entirely by inventing a silicon chip, or we can say a Microprocessor that could connect and interact with neuronal cells. That scientist is known as Dr. Naweed Syed and the chip he invented, Neurochip.

cool facts about Pakistan

The first virus to infect IBM

When it comes to being naughty, Pakistanis can beat the Universe, but no. This was not a wicked attempt but an accident. Two brothers, Basit Farooq Alvi and Amjad Farooq Alvi designed it to protect their Medical Software. However, it caused chaos when it started to infect computers all over the world. That virus is called Brain, and it was the first that could affect IBM systems.

The brothers live in Lahore, with the third brother, Shahid Farooq Alvi, are still running the network service Brain NET.

So Pakistan might have not gotten as much spot-light as USA’s being “super-power” or skyscrapers of UAE, but still, it has gotten a lot of precious things and spectacular gems. In fact, every country has its beauty. You just need eyes that could spot it. And “stand and stare”.

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