Month: October 2019

Kurulus Osman Release Date Is Finally Here With New Trailer

The historical action-adventure series, Dirilis Ertugrul completed its run on five seasons after winning the hearts of the people from over 60 countries. However, it was not the end and a spinoff of the show initially titled as Dirilis Osman was announced that recently got a new name, Kurulus Osman which quickly became one of […]

7 Best Sci-fi tv Shows From 2010s That Don’t Suck

Science fiction is a genre of fiction which deals with advanced science and technology, scientific ideas and exploration, space time-related stuff, time travel, alien life and space exploration. Well, rightly said, it is called “ literature of ideas “. As the name combines two words “science “ and “fiction “, this particular genre gives the […]

Tolkien Movie Review (2019) – Treat For Fantasy Literati

The Tolkien Movie Review from a well-known satire writer, who also happens to be a film lover. “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.” With this deceptively simple and insignificant line written in 1937 began an epic story that would open doors to a whole new world, culture, ideas, philosophies and a […]

21 Lessons From Dirilis Ertugrul To Keep Up The Good Form

The popularity of the Turkish masterpiece drama “Dirilis Ertugrul” can be gauged from the fact that Season 5 was initially viewed in 85 countries. However, according to the report a few days ago, the number of countries has been increased to 125 and the people of those countries are learning many good-life lessons from Dirilis […]

Chasing Butterflies – A Scribbled Story In Flash Fiction

A story about some dreams that scattered somewhere in the garden while chasing butterflies. In her butterfly-land, the sight was captivating. All she could see was colors, elegance, beauty, and delicacy. She soaked warm sunshine while sitting in her house made of glass and enjoyed the divine view. It was perfect until one day when […]

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